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November 24, 2020 : Seamlessly blending both luxury and sustainability, “Mettique” — Thai Super Luxury Leather Brand and “Grifoll Declara”— world class boutique organic winery from Spain are proud to invite celebrities and VIP guests to an exclusive wine tasting experience at Mettique Flagship Store on the second Floor of Gaysorn Village.

“Mettique” is a super luxury Thai leather goods brand which has gained global attention rapidly among the world’s top designers since its debut in 2012. The unique essence of “Mettique” is the exquisite craftsmanship skills passed down through generations for more than 30 years. The attention to detail throughout the whole process starts with a selection of only the finest vegetable tanned cowhide leather derived from the world's most renowned and prestigious tanneries in Tuscany ,Italy. Met Hengtrakul, the founder and creative director of “Mettique”, has taken up the trade of the leather craftsmen that came before him, with his deep passion for leather creations and innovative design, bestowing the high-quality finished products with a truly unique and inimitable master touch.

Met is also passionate about natural eco-leather, which since his first attempts has led to his commitment solely to the technique of vegetable tanning. No chromium sulfate or toxic substances are used during this special natural tanning process. “Mettique” is careful to partner with world-renowned Tuscan certified organic tanneries and it is no surprise to learn that these are also the chosen leather suppliers of several big luxury fashion houses like Valentino, Dior and Brics.

These Tuscan tanneries are specialized in the production of high quality vegetable tanned cowhide leather utilizing a centuries-old, natural tanning technique called Italian Vacchetta Vegetable Tanning. This sustainable tanning process is completely natural, with the leather deriving its texture from tree barks such as Castagno or Quebracho, which are the same tannins naturally found in an organic wine. The colour of these natural tannins give the leather a rich and natural aspect, as well as an unmistakable brilliant shade that becomes more intense with the passing of time and everyday usage.

With our shared sustainability mission to be authentic and environmentally-friendly brands, “Mettique” and “Grifoll Declara” have joined together to bring VIP guests Jaksawatr Attaskulchai Sidaras Bhuddinan, Panittha Buri, Firm Hongsananda, Gun Plengpanich, among others, to discover an exclusive organic wine tasting experience featuring 6 different luxury and rich organic wines, delicately spiced with soft tannins enhancing soulfulness like no other.