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At METTIQUE, we do not believe in the need for obtrusive or exaggerated advertising.
Rather, we are happiest to let our products speak for themselves.



METTIQUE is a luxury lifestyle brand dedicated to high quality crafted leather accessories. At METTIQUE, we do not believe in the need for obtrusive or exaggerated advertising. Rather, we are happiest to let our products speak for themselves. METTIQUE strives for excellence through the selection of the best possible raw materials, stringent craftsmanship standards, refreshing designs, and meticulous quality control-to ensure that customers receive the most well-crafted products available. Because developing even a single product model takes up to several months, and producing a single piece just over a couple of weeks, we are of the opinion that you should not feel the need to change your bag or accessory every season. We would prefer instead that you keep it for a lifetime, and pass it down to your loved ones. This is what quality means to us. This is what timelessness means to us. Please allow us to share with you our philosophy for making the best possible leather goods.


Handmade and Handstitched

As many luxury products are beginning to substitute craftsmanship with machines, we at METTIQUE pledge to conserve the craftsmanship tradition. All of the steps conducted at METTIQUE atelier are 100% hand-made. This is to not only render each piece of work one-of-a-kind but also to achieve durability and that hand-made charisma that machine-made products can never achieve.



Leather Origin

We want our customers to know that the exotic skins we source do not and never will come from endangered species. Our exotic skins, such as python, crocodile, and alligator, are all “CITES” certified: every single step in their procurement complies with the international regulations set by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Those skins that do not legally require CITES certification, such as the South-African ostrich skins, all bear certificates of origin, tracing back in each case to the particular specimen’s country of origin.

Leather Quality

Getting skins without defects starts in the farm as you have to make sure that the animals are bred with care and this requires greater amount of work. Regardless of the effort, we at METTIQUE refuse without the slightest compromise to use scarred leather. Therefore when possible, we source only exotic skins of grade 1 standard, bearing none of the defects present on skins of grades 2, 3 or 4 standards.

Full Grain Leather

METTIQUE settles in all instances for nothing less than the finest quality leather. For instance, we use only real-grained leather and we believe that natural beauty can only come from natural materials. When it comes to cowhide leather, we use real-grained Italian vegetable-tanned cowhide leather with our products.When called for, we tan the cowhide leather ourselves, at our tannery, using a centuries-old artisanal tanning technique. This tanning technique is extremely difficult to carry out correctly and we are one of only a handful of ateliers in the country with a tannery employing this technique. Leather that we do not tan ourselves has, without exception, been carefully selected, and is sourced from distinguished tanneries around the globe. This ensures that our fastidious standards are always met.


Leather Only

Our products’ internal structures and linings are made of leather only. Fabrics, cardboard, plastics, and other synthetic materials are avoided for one simple reason: their life cycles are shorter than that of leather. They will quickly unglue and fall apart. Each of our all-leather METTIQUE products is designed to age nicely, together, as a single piece.



Our craftsmen are our family. We treasure their ideas, their feedback, their suggestions for new craftsmanship techniques. These experienced craftsmen possess true passion for leather craftsmanship. They imbue each piece they create with their expertise, their ideas, and above all, their passion.

Our craftsmen are not mere manufacturers; their involvement with the products they create extends past the mere execution of a given design. They factor into the creation of existing designs, and often inspire the design and techniques used in upcoming collections.


No Outsource Policy

METTIQUE never outsources its productions. In this way, we ensure complete control of our production process. The techniques used to produce each METTIQUE piece are implemented exclusively by distinguished craftsmen recruited at our own atelier.


Our Values